It's not about the

services you provide.

It's about WHY YOU'RE HERE.

It's not about any of us...

It's about all of us.

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It’s not about any of us…

It’s about all of us.

It’s not about the services you provide. It’s about why you’re here.

As an industry, we tend to be comfortable writing and talking about plan design, tax savings and regulatory concerns, but we often don’t translate this effectively to why we’re here—to help millions of people reach their retirement goals. Committed To Outcomes® (C2O) members align on the core theme that drives business every day—a commitment to helping others succeed.

C2O is a collaboration of investment and retirement industry professionals to share information and educational messages useful to millions of Americans saving for retirement through employer-based savings plans. C2O member firms leverage this effort as part of their own marketing outreach via email, web, social, and event campaigns. The C2O library includes websites, videos, animations, banners, and interactive messages designed to help companies and participants take best advantage of their retirement plans.

We are Are You I am

Committed to Outcomes®

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Our Mission

is to share our industry’s commitment to successful retirement outcomes through educational messages that encourage employees to learn more about the value of participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans

Why Now?

As an industry, it’s time we focus our collective energies on how we help create better outcomes. We invite all firms who have an interest in qualified retirement plans to Join Us to promote this theme and help educate and influence good savings behaviors by plan participants.

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